About Time Africa Magazine

TIME AFRICA is an African Magazine with a culture of excellence; a magazine without peer. TIME AFRICA aims to influence the influential. Nearly a third of its readers hold advanced degrees and include novelists, filmmakers, university professors, teachers, homeschooling mothers, captains of industry, government researchers, journalists, bishops, priests, and politicians.

While most opinion magazines grow stale once the candidates or policies they have backed fade away, TIME AFRICA speaks to our time and to future generations. By examining current events from the perspectives of history, theology, literature, and philosophy, TIME AFRICA provides a timeless magazine, the arguments in which are made with clarity, grace, and wit. In several areas of critical importance to the Africa, TIME AFRICA MAGAZINE, published in three African official languages, English, Franchais and Portuguese, claims unrivaled prescience.

TIME AFRICA MAGAZINE is also an exciting high-end celebrity and lifestyle brand which highlights the life of the contemporary African. We are committed to publishing high-quality magazines as well as presenting awards to our Icons.


Our mission is to spread the practice of professional journalism: rigorous reporting on responses to social problems. We seek to rebalance the news, so that every day people are exposed to stories that help them understand problems and challenges, and stories that show potential ways to respond.

Our Pledge

We subscribe to the highest ethical standards. We operate with integrity
We are flexible. We are committed to working smart to meet readers’ goals
We strive for efficiency & effectiveness. We are diverse. We are resourceful